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Singapore 4D Results

Singapore 4D Beli
Date: 21/2/2024 [Wed]
Draw No.: 5134
First Prize
Second Prize
Third Prize

Live Transaction
Member Transaksi Jumlah (RM) Tarikh/Masa
f*****b9 Deposit ke game: Sexy Bacarrat 164 22 Feb 2024 8:46AM
e****kj Top Up 1,500 22 Feb 2024 8:41AM
p*****aw 4D Bet 461 22 Feb 2024 8:37AM
p****my Cuci 222 22 Feb 2024 8:32AM
R*******ar 4D Bet 10 22 Feb 2024 8:27AM
R*******ar Top Up 100 22 Feb 2024 8:25AM
m*******my 4D Bet 8 22 Feb 2024 8:23AM
4******zu Cuci 982 22 Feb 2024 8:18AM
r******ja 4D Bet 198 22 Feb 2024 8:14AM
g*****fy Cuci dari game: Pragmatic 917 22 Feb 2024 8:11AM

Check Singapore 4D Results

An active gambler knows that how important it is to check past results of lottery draw to know which numbers won and how many times. Does not matter at what part of world you are playing the lottery games, you will need to look the past results to make prediction of your next lottery number. Singapore 4D lottery is one of the popular Asian gambling game which works in same way like other lottery games do but there is a difference. in Singapore 4D lottery, you have choice to predict a lucky number from 0000 to 9999 only. Which means that your predicted lottery number should have four digitals to qualify for the lottery.

There are different ways to predict a number for lottery. Some people even invented their own mathematic models and formulas to predict a lucky number for lottery while some gambler buy picks from the popular and expert gambler which helps them some time to win. But do you know other than these paid and time taking methods there are some different freeways too, to predict Singapore 4D lottery number and these are:

Predict a number from past winning results: This is one of the most popular way to predict a lottery number and its work for Singapore 4D too. You have to get list of old winning numbers and have to extracts those numbers which has been won more than 1 time and those numbers which has very few difference among them.

Predict number on the bases of your lucky number: Many people has their lucky number which has been predicted on dates, months and years which were lucky for you. It could be anything, like the date when you got your first car or won a lottery prize etc.

Predict Singapore 4D lottery number on the bases of your life events: Just for a minutes, try to memorize your life events which were lucky for you to predict a number for lottery, for example when did you get marry, or what Is your date of birth etc. these could help you to predict a lottery number.

Select a number randomly: Randomly does not mean that you go with any number. In random select you go with the number which is part of your life, for example your phone number, mobile number, house number etc. show complete list of 4D Singapore lucky numbers. The prizes are divided in first, second and third where there are 10 special prizes and 10 consolations prizes. Many online websites does not show all of these results and only show the lottery number of first prize winner where show you the list of all winning lottery numbers which means you have more choice to predict your next lottery number for 4D Singapore lottery. Instead of this, our website also allow you to buy past winning lottery number instant so the you get it before someone bid or purchase. Our online buying system works very fast, which means that we give surety that you will get the number which you want to buy.

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